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    State Licensed

Who We Are

In 1961 Allen and Betty Bash (right) purchased a 2 acre dilapidated pig farm in Norco with the intent of opening  a preschool and day care center.  Town & Country Day school opened its doors in 1963, as the first state licensed preschool and day-care center in the Norco - Corona area. 

To the left is an early staff: Ruth Penicks, Natalie Cranston and Wanda Head


Town and Country is the oldest same owner business in Norco.  Betty and Allen are considered early childhood education pioneers for their creation of groundbreaking academic programs, inventive play systems and beautiful grounds.


Town & Country Staff

Betty Bash: Executive Director
Carla Reyes.jpeg
Carla Reyes: Program Director

Noemy Cabrera: Curriculum Director


Jenny Duran: Assistant Director

Dany Martinez: Teacher

Arcelia Ramos: Kindergarten Teacher

Kevin Bash: Facilities Director

Heather Renteria: Garden Master

For Over 50 Years We Have Served and Contributed

Town & Country

Gives Back!

Over 200 Team Sponsorship's

Norco Little League

Norco Girls Softball

Norco High FFA

JFK Middle College

Norco College

100 Mile Club


George Ingalls Veteran's Memorial

Norco High Tennis Team

Norco Horsemen's Association

Horse Week

Girl Scouts

Boy Scouts

George Ingalls JRAFROTC Scholarship

Mounted Posse

Town & Country Scholarship

Each year we award to a graduating Norco High School Student who attended Town & Country as a child!

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