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Town & Country Classrooms

 Early Childhood classrooms

Town & Country's well-supplied indoor classrooms are purposely designed with large bay windows that look out at trees and green grass.

We believe that children learn best when surrounded with the sights, sounds, smells and textures of the wonders of nature.

Such immersion deepens their understanding and appreciation of their place and roles as caretakers of our planet.


Town & Country strategically places well-chosen colors over a neutral classroom background to create a mood, interest, define the space and reflect children's homes and community. 

Furnishings Define Space

At Town & Country we use age appropriate and sized Furnishings in each class room to create areas that promote dramatic play, Music, art and science.


When Properly placed - children's play increases in quality and depth.


At Town & Country we introduce all kinds of Textures into our classrooms to stimulate visual interest and depth and to provide children with unique tactile experiences.


The goal is to sharpen children's observational skills and fine motor abilities by seeing, touching and playing with all manner of woven materials, sculptures, and textiles.


Town & Country believes in highlighting children's work creating a classroom that becomes a backdrop to honor all who occupy the space.

Town & Country is the Place to BE!

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