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Class Hours

9am - 3pm

At Town & Country,our goal is to provide children with a daily program that meets their need for activity and relaxation, indoor and outdoor play, and a variety of experiences related to their age and  development .

Welcome to our Pre-School




The First Day

Starting preschool is one of the many exciting milestones of childhood but we know that it can be a stressful time for parents and children.

Each child ‘s first days in the school will be planned on an individual basis to make the adjustment to school and to make the separation from his or her parents as smooth as possible.

Why Pre-School?

  1. Opportunity for growth

  2. Prepares children for kindergarten

  3. Promotes social and emotional development

  4. Preschool environment is structured

  5. Children get to make choices

  6. Children learn to take care of themselves and others

  7. Promotes language and cognitive skills

  8. Teachers nurture a child’s curiosity

  9. Activities boost pre-math and literacy skills

  10. Helps develop motor skills

At Town & Country school, children experience opportunities for inside and outside play, process-oriented exploration and hands-on, multi-sensory learning. 

The Children explore through music, dance, dramatic play, painting, sculpture, science, fine and gross-motor exploration and problem-solving. 

They communicate verbally, resolve conflicts, learn to listen, and share time and attention with one and an other.

At Town & Country Day School we believe that children rely on routine for comfort and security. Every day, our experienced and nurturing staff welcome the children into a loving environment, where children are encouraged to pursue their own interest, develop skills, make friends and grow in confidence, independence and respect for themselves and others.

Town & Country early childhood preschool program encourages children to learn socialization, language, development,

communication of feelings and the beginning of their autonomy.

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