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The Inland Empire's Most Unique Playgrounds!

A Children's Paradise

Green Grass


Advanced Play Systems

Sand Boxes

Tricycle Paths



Outdoor Classrooms


and more!

Age Appropriate Playgrounds

Town & Country has three unique playgrounds spread over five acres designed to fulfill the specific physical, creative, and intellectual needs of your Pre-School, Transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten and School Age Before and After Care children.

Gardens, Trees, Butterfly's


Other Critters

For over 50 years, Town & Country has believed that gardening is an excellent teaching tool that empowers children to learn valuable lessons in life by practical experience.

   Through gardening, children become aware that we depend on plant life as the source of food, clothing, and shelter and they see first hand the beauty in outdoor surroundings.

The most fun is when the children get to eat what they have grown!

Town and Country is also home to and nearby all kinds of critters: guinea hens, peacocks, horses, kitty's, chickens, cows, Texas Longhorn and even a buffalo, a couple of llamas and an African Spurred Tortoise!

Town & Country is also a Monarch Butterfly Waystation with multiple habitat areas to cultivate and support the endangered Monarch.  Children learn that they can positively impact their environment.  And, after raising  Monarchs from eggs to cocoons to butterflies, the children learn wonderful lessons in the cycle of life.  

Town & Country is also home to dozens of trees, many of which have been planted directly by children to celebrate Earth Day and with the hope of getting to enjoy a lemon or apple.

       At Town & Country We Grow Stuff!

 A Place to Just be a Kid

Town & Country's large, supervised playgrounds provide children with the opportunity to explore, be creative, think under a tree, hang with friends and sometimes just run, whoop and hollar!

Town & Country is the Place to BE!

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